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Fix Your Thyroid, Change Your Life: Women Overcoming Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s
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What You Will Learn:
  • The quickest, smartest, and healthiest way for you to fix your low thyroid
  • Why you still have thyroid symptoms despite having “normal” test results
  • ​The #1 reason you’re still stuck despite trying everything
  • ​What all of the thyroid gurus get wrong and how to cut through the misinformation
  • ​Why “thyroid-diets” are a waste of time and what to do instead
  • ​A step-by-step thyroid blueprint that has worked for thousands of women just like you
  • ​How to move beyond the thyroid lab numbers with actionable steps, so you never fail again
  • ​The little known menopause-thyroid connection that you can take advantage of
  • ​How to determine exactly what thyroid supplements will actually work for you
  • ​How biotoxin illness and your home is likely the missing link to getting your life back
  • ​How to avoid the trap of believing that it’s all in your head, related to your age, or just accepting this as your new normal
  • ​The 5-reasons women with low thyroid lose their hair and what to do about it
  • ​The actual reason your moods swing between depression and anxiety
Discover the quickest, smartest, and healthiest way to Fix Your Thyroid with Dr. Phillip Redd, DO.
Dr. Phillip Redd, DO is an osteopathic physician with his postdoctoral training in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. As an expert in the field of autoimmune thyroid dysfunction, Dr. Redd specializes in the reversal of chronic diseases, such as Hypothyroid disorders, Type 2 Diabetes, cognitive decline, parasite and other intestinal disorders, as well as many other difficult to treat and chronic autoimmune issues.

Dr. Redd believes there is an innate connection between the body, mind and spirit. This means that our bodies have an inherent ability to heal, given the right tools. His thorough diagnostic process, root-cause analysis, and specialized treatments focus on getting to and addressing the root causes of the disease process, so that the body can then heal itself. Proper testing, detoxification, nutrition and lifestyle changes are essential components of his customized and multi-therapeutic approach to reversing disease, and therefore key to his patients’ success in restoring their cellular vitality and metabolic balance.

Dr. Redd graduated from The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences with his Doctor of Osteopathy in 2005. Serving in the US Air Force, he completed his residency through the St. Louis University/Scott Air Force Base Family Practice Residency program in 2008. He served as Medical Director of the Out-patient and Urgent Care clinics at Mountain Home Air Force Base, and spent many years as a family doctor and hospitalist in both clinical and hospital settings.

Dr. Redd is passionate about helping women overcome Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. His years of frustration as a physician (and Hypothyroid patient) within a broken medical system solidified his shift to functional endocrinology in order to truly help his patients heal. Through his experience successfully treating thousands of patients with chronic disease, Dr. Redd has come to believe that most any disease state does not have to be permanent. If you can find the root cause, the body can reverse it and heal itself. It just takes knowing where to look, and knowing how to fix it.

The 5-Day Fix Your Thyroid Masterclass with Dr. Phillip Redd, DO is a FREE opportunity to learn the keys necessary to uncover and successfully treat your Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. With Dr. Redd’s expertise at your fingertips and a desire to learn the truth, together you can finally FIX your thyroid and CHANGE your life!

Ready To Finally Fix Your Low Thyroid?
Starting October 2nd, 2023
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